Here’s what our clients are saying:

It”s my absolute pleasure to recommend Stacy Hayes for paintless dent repair with DentMasters USA.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with DentMasters USA and came to know them as a truly valuable asset to absolutely any team.  They are honest, dependable, and incredibly hard working.  Beyond that, his team is always impressive and consistent.

His knowledge of paintless dent removal was a huge advantage to our entire company.  They put skill set to work in order to get the repairs done in a timely manner.

Along with their undeniable talent, DentMasters USA has always been an absolute joy to work with.  They are true team players, and always manage to foster positive discussions and bring the best out of other employees.

Without a doubt, I confidently recommend Stacy Hayes to any body shop, or dealership needing paintless dent repairs.

Please feel free to contact me should you like to discuss DentMasters USA qualifications and experience further.  Id be happy to expand on my recommendation.

Best Wishes
Scott Daffron


I just wanted to write you and let you know how much I appreciate your company.  Hail storms in the past have been total confusion, but your team was wonderful to work with.  They step right in and help with estimates and the insurance companies.  The team you put in our shop was wonderful.  They fit in so well with all of my employees.  The workmanship was perfect and we did not have the first complaint.  The next time we have a hail storm, you will be my first call.

Thank you,
Tommy Trousdale


I think I cursed myself when I said, “I hope I wouldn’t be in need of your services for another 55 years”. I told you that you would be the first phone call and you were. I want to thank you for several things, (1) Quick response: to be to the dealership within 24 hours was amazing, (2) Workmanship: Flawless once again, no complaints, (3) Paperwork: Once again, you made it easy and clean. Knowing it was a busy year for you because of all the hail damage, I was pleasantly surprised that you once again came through and did a remarkable job for me. I’m serious this time that I hope I will not need you for another 55 years. Thank You,

Dawson Foster
V.P. Foster Chevrolet/Cadillac


To Whom It May Concern,

Our area had the unfortunate experience of having several hailstorms in the Spring of 2017.  We were not adequately prepared for this type of situation.  So, we decided to bring in a PDR team.  We chose DentMasters, and it was the best decision we could have made.  The PDR experts that came to us were kind, professional, and fast!!  Our customers were blown away with how quickly they were getting their vehicles back, and to beat it all, we did not receive a single complaint on their work.  It was a pleasure to work with this company, and they made the whole process as easy as possible on us.  In the event that more hail storms come our way we know exactly who to call!!  Ken’s CARSTAR highly recommends DentMasters USA to any shop that is in need of assistance with high volume PDR claims and still wants to turn a profit.

Thank you
Kens Body Works INC.
Dalton GA


Tallmadge Collision Center would highly recommend using DentMasters USA. We worked with them after a catastrophic hailstorm in 2007. Our area was devastated by golf ball and larger size hail. During the first two weeks after the storm, we tripled the number of estimates we did on a daily basis. Thanks to the help of Stacy and Aaron we were able to keep our business rolling. They and their technicians dedicated months to take care of all the work that needed Paintless Dent Repair. DentMasters offered the same high quality, timely work we pride ourselves on giving our customers. On the occasions where they dealt with the customers, they were courteous and professional. We would have no hesitation in using them whenever the need would arise in the future. Thank you for all your hard work! Sincerely,

Robert Black
Tallmadge Collision Center President


I would like to thank DentMasters USA for their superior service and craftsmanship during our recent hail storm. Our partnership was profitable and the ease of doing business with your company was extremely helpful. Thank you again, Jason Gilbert

Jason Gilbert
Gilberts Collision Center


DentMasters and its team of hail repair experts know what customer service is all about. They know the customer is: the owner of the car. They know the customer is: the Collision Center shop owner, managers, and estimators. They know the customer is: the insurance company paying the claim. DentMasters USA also knows that the repairs need to be fast, the estimates need to be accurate and the quality of the repairs needs to be perfect. Add to that the personality of its people who care and you know you’ve made the right choice. In October 2006, we experienced a monster hail storm in Columbus, OH. We made the call, they arrived the next day, set up in a local building and the repair process began. We moved hundreds of cars through a process of PDR and conventional repair and refinishing. Insurance catastrophe teams were on hand to take care of their customers with no delay and no problems. Who did we call when we had follow up needs; DENTMASTERS. Who will we call the next time we have a hail storm; DENTMASTERS. Thanks,

Joe Federer
Buckeye Nissan Collision Center Columbus, OH


I just wanted to take a few minutes and tell you how much I appreciate you and your company. On Friday May 7th, 2010 we encountered the first hailstorm in our company’s 50-year history and I have to tell you I was not ready for what I walked into on Monday. It is the craziest thing I’ve ever encountered, there were 8 different dent companies all with there own stories. Each company would throw the other under the bus, tell why they were the best, and then tried to beat each other on price. The thought going through my head was how I’m going to get screwed. When you came into my office you were the first guy that spent the time selling yourself instead of downgrading the other companies. I still remember asking you “why should I use you?” You confidently looked at me and said “I only work on referrals, I’m not the cheapest but I’m honest, our work both in repair and paperwork will be flawless from start to finish”. For some reason I thought you were the guy and I have to tell you that you lived up to everything you promised. The professionalism and honesty was second to none. In a world where handshakes don’t mean much to most I believe that yours is golden. After the hundreds of vehicles your company repaired we didn’t have a complaint, hard to believe but true. The workmanship and paperwork was flawless. Hopefully we don’t need your assistance for another 55 years, but rest assured if we do you will be the first phone call I make. Thank you for everything,

Dawson Foster V.P.
Foster Chevrolet/Cadillac